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The specificity of Europe’s natural, climatic and geological conditions is that the most resource-rich areas are located in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.
About two thirds of the area is featured with the presence of permafrost, which also covers a substantial part of the Arctic sea waters complicating the development of hydrocarbon (HC) raw materials.
The distribution of HC resources in Europe’s waters is highly uneven: about 75 percent of total resources and 86 percent of northern seas’ resources are concentrated in the western Arctic – the Barents, Pechora and Kara seas.
This depends to a great extent on regional geological features and large area of these waters [1, 2, 3, 6]. All the Arctic offshore fields have also been discovered in those seas.
None of the oil and gas wells has been drilled so far in the eastern Arctic seas (Laptev, East Siberian and Chukchee seas).

Vessel & Cargo Shipment


Oil and gas transportation systems in the Arctic include local and main oil and gas pipelines, transportation by railways and marine tanker fleet. The existence of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and nuclear icebreaker fleet allows transportation of HC liquids (oil, gas condensate and liquefied gas) eastward and westward to the European, United States and Pacific Region markets. HCs are exported by tankers from several terminals of Murmansk, Vitino, Arkhangelsk, and Varandey seaports. In this case, the first three ports receive HCs by railway, which limits the traffic volume.

Logistics Flow Pattern

Cargo flows, containers and general cargo that reach Europe by maritime logistics mostly arrive via the major European ports Rotterdam and Antwerp. For many customers, these two main ports represent the “Gateway to Europe”.

We have developed huge skills and competence in maritime logistics, customs clearance services and on-transportation by truck, barge, rail, feeder vessel. We handle the warehousing, inventory management, storage(bonded or customs cleared), information management, transportation of these cargo flows to the final destination in the Hinterland.

Our services and competencies in the European Gateway logistics are f.e.:

  • Order processing
    Warehousing / storage / handling of the cargo
    Customs coordination / customs clearance
    Fiscal representation for VAT
    Release of cargo at container terminals
    Dispatch of import containers and import cargo
    On-carriage and distribution services by road, rail, barge and combined traffic modalities
    Information management and materials flow management
    Supply Chain control, visibility and reliability
    Key Performance Indicator management

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