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Imperial Gas

External Tank Transshipping LTD partners with Imperial Gas to Built-in flat cooker is a modern looking stylish cooker, that has all the safety features and the ease of use needed for a modern kitchen

TOT Drilling

External Tank Transshipping LTD supply tanks storage for TOT Drilling / Larsen Oil & Gas Ltd whose headquartered is located in Scotland. The Company’s line of business includes providing business services such as bondspersons, drafting services, lecture bureaus, and notaries.



External Tank Transshipping LTD has been partnering with Crowsnest Energy to set up exploring for hydrocarbon deposits in the Western Canadian Basin.
We have a seasoned exploration team with in-depth experience in the development of oil and natural gas in Western Canada.
Our extensive (3700 sq. km.) 3D seismic data base gives us a vital instrument for which to search out convention Oil & Gas plays. 3D imaging of the subsurface provides Crowsnest with a valuable means that will serve as the foundation for our growth.

Aria Rose

External Tank Transshipping Limited partners with Aria Rose to offers a range of water treatment services including subsurface aeration and chemical injection systems as well as “on-the-fly” mobile water treatment at wellsite or at water storage sites. These systems were designed specifically for oil produced and reuse applications and have been used extensively in multiple oil basins

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