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We operates 38 vessels of the total freight including:

25 self-propelled vessels;

12 non-self-propelled vessels;

4 push tugs​

In addition, the company engages up to 10 extra push tugs and 2 oil pumping station, for transportation purposes. The company’s fleet operating in the sea areas is classified by the Europe Maritime Register and fully complies with all Russian and international requirements and conventions, including the requirements of the OCIFM member companies.

All vessels undergo regular vetting inspections performed by leading Russian and global oil companies, and efficiently prove their compliance with the safety requirements to oil and oil products transportation, as well as carrying out of cargo handling operations at oil terminals. The tankers, barges and tug boats of External Tank Transshipping Limited. are insured by reputable foreign insurance companies.


Our License

Our license to carry out loading, unloading and shipping operations internationaly and regionally with dangerous goods is provided for a period of 10 years. The validity of the license may be extended in the manner prescribed for the renewal of the license.

Licensing requirements for the licensee in carrying out cargo handling operations with dangerous goods, are:

Compliance with the rules of cargo transportation by vessel tanker transport, approved in accordance with Article 3 of the Federal law “Charter of Marine Transport of the Russian Federation” in the part of the loading and unloading operations with dangerous goods;

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